Xbox Series X|S Reviews Are Out Today

If you’ve got an Xbox Series S on pre-order due to the difficulty in getting hold of Xbox Series X machines, today is the day that more information becomes available as media members have started posting their reviews ahead of the console’s release. Reviews are also out for the Xbox Series X, too, but there’s less ambiguity around Microsoft’s larger, more powerful console; it’s the $300 box that has people curious, including myself.

If you’re wanting to go into your Xbox Series S completely blind (why?) then you’re best off avoiding any gaming news websites for the next five days. But c’mon, who in their right mind would pre-order a console and not want to read about it?

Unfortunately, we here at Jump Xbox haven’t had the benefit of a fancy pre-release console – we were literally born yesterday (we’re a new site!) and Microsoft doesn’t know we exist. Yet… But if you’ve read our words elsewhere, like Pure PlayStation, Pure Stadia, or Pure PSVR, then you’ll know what we’re about and you can expect our review shortly after launch. Until then, either hide your eyes or chow down on an all-you-can-eat buffet of reviews.

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