Review Policy

Chris Harding

If you’re wondering how we score our reviews, then look no further, dear reader, because you have found our Review Policy.

Below you will find what each number means, but we’ve got to say that the number shouldn’t be your primary concern. Instead, make sure you’re reading the content of the review, because for some, a 6/10 could mean rubbish, but that game in the right hands could easily be video game gold. It’s imporant to take the author’s views into account, too, and so we suggest that if you’ve stumbled upon us for the first time, have a look at each other’s previous reviews to get a sense of what they’re about, what kinds of games they like, and if they’re the kind of person whose tasts align with yours.

10: Brilliant. A ten doesn’t mean it’s perfect, but it’s pretty darn close. If we give a game a 10, you best believe it’s a game worth doing overtime for.

9: Must Play. Any game that scores a 9 is certified fresh and will most probably give you great satisfaction. Many happy joy-joys all around!

8: Fantastic. It may have some minor flaws, maybe even the odd bug, but it’s worthy of your time and money.

7: Very Good. A solid game that can be enjoyed, despite the setbacks present. It’s worth taking a look at, especially if it’s your favourite genre or game series.

6: Good. It could be better, but it could be worse. Hardcore fans will find something to enjoy if it’s in your favourite genre or game series, others may see it as a waste of time.

5: Not Bad. Potentially a winner, but ultimately a damp squib. Neither terrible nor amazing, neither good nor bad.

4: Bad. Poorly put together and an unfortunate mess that will bring on a severe case of buyers remorse.

3: Really Bad. A shameless money-grabbing attempt or just plain old-fashioned bad development. Avoid if you can.

2: Crap. Not worth the disc it’s printed on. Money would be better spent on sending a letter to the developers explaining how the game could be made better, with cupcakes included to cheer them up.

1: Pure Crap. Don’t even entertain the thought of renting this game, nevermind paying full price. The only reason you should ever buy is to give to your enemies at Christmas, then watch them pull their hair out as they struggle to comprehend the mess in front of them.

Whenever we review a game, we’re honest about it and disclose whether we received a review code from the developer, publisher, or PR representative. If we bought a game from our own pennies, we’ll tell you that, too. It doesn’t really matter either way to us, because the game’s we review are all reviewed with the same scrutiny, regardless of whether we’ve paid for them or received them for review purposes.

If you’re a developer, publisher or PR agent looking to hawk your wares to us, please send all correspondence to and expect a reply within 1-3 business days.

Updated 30.08.2020